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Belated start, but....

My first scene is at a solid 1,750 words right now, and with plenty to go to last me the rest of today's word count requirements. Having a protagonist who's first person and who's voice I readily get and already am familiar with really helps.

I am re-doing the first scene of Bette's story here from the version I'm basing this whole thing on, but I have to say I like the previous version better. Still, for NaNo purposes, no reusing stuff! So a new version it was. Perhaps some day in the future, I'll get around to the editing and combine the best of both versions. Yeehaw!

And now for a nap because I'm in serious need.


Oct. 23rd, 2008

People do seem to be interested in a prep session...I would tentatively suggest Saturday, but I know I've got errands I need to run before my company's anniversary party that night. But for the rest of you, hey, go for it!

Meanwhile, here's a site that has helpful info on the classic set-up and plotting of a mystery novel: http://members.tripod.com/~ticket2write/mysplot.html

Quite helpful! My story has taken a big turn to Something Completely Different (shocking, I know). A while ago I'd started a story using a roleplaying character, Bette, albeit with very different details in her life. I think I'm going to use this story this year. I had written some stuff, but I'm going to start from scratch. I'm going to try planning more of my story from the get-go, and doing some character fleshing outs to make sure they've all got some interesting info in their pasts.

I'm also using Veronica Mars as a large inspiration here, so oh darn, I may just HAVE to go rewatch some episodes. Shucks! ;P

Gearing Up For Horror

So, zombies. That's a little science fiction, yes, but also a hefty dose of Horror! And I've never really written horror before.

So, what are some books you'd all recommend I read for a dose of horror writing? Stuff that will be useful (as well as good!) is preferable here. :)

2008, Here I Come

Gearing up for another go at NaNo! My journal's theme has been duly adjusted, and here's me posting, talking about Idea No. 1.

After watching a pretty awful zombie horror movie the other day with some friends, bluesauce declared that zombie children just plain couldn't cut it. I forget his exact words, but it prompted me to proclaim that my NaNo would involve zombie kids in some way, and not suck. So that's what I've got so far! Zombies, including some kid zombies.

Good thing I've already read World War Z and The Zombie Survival Guide</a>, and own the latter. Hooray using someone else's very detailed weapons research! :D

Nov. 5th, 2007

So now I need some suggestions of good costumes. Non-slutty ones at that! ;) And ones that would require some work to pull off.

Also looking for other generic costume suggestions. And some male ones as well as female.

Name this bar!

I need a name for a bar. I've got in mind something like Phoenix Landing (for those who live in Boston and know what that is), but I'd like to have an original name for it. Any ideas?
Comment here to be added for NaNo 2007! I friends-lock most entries, so this way you can enjoy the upcoming stuff and read some of the older entries, too.

Let the plotting begin

And now it's time to gear up for Nano 2006. This time I've got a nearby buddy who I know is competitive and stubborn in the form of my former college roomie Christine doing NaNo as well. We used to push one another into going to the gym, so now we can push one another into doing more NaNo!

Plotting for this year has begun as well. An idea I had is slowly molding and forming in my head and turning into a new beast of its own accord. So far?

Three people featured in a prophecy of some kind for a world parallel to/overlapping our own, but of course a fantasy-type setting because I do love those so much. While it started off with the idea of it being three sisters, the idea has sinced morphed into two sisters and their stepbrother. The three all attend a boarding private school in New England somewhere, and someplace on or just off the grounds is where they find themselves able to crossover somehow into the overlapping world. The mechanics of that I haven't figured out yet.

Their parents have only recently married, and I think the older sister and stepbrother will be about the same age/grade, and he's secretly had a thing for her since before they knew their parents were even dating, so the new situation is rather awkward for him. The personalities of the two sisters and other plothooks for them I've yet to determine as well.

But it's a start! And I like it so far. Here goes nothing, yet again!

NaNo 2005

Comment here to be added and read my adventures in NaNo 2005!
First story for he May Blitz, off of a prompt given by nanoweylyn: "Everything was destroyed in the fire."

It's very short, but I'm still getting into short story swing, and I like that it'sshort and doesn't explain everything.

"As Promised"

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